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The Real Kirsty Law

Welcome to my first EVER Blog, I'm a bit nervy about it so bear with me.

To keep my brain ticking and my busy life even busier I have decided to write a blog once a month on anything that I feel like writing about!

I'm Kirsty, I'm 28 years old (29 in July WTF?!) I have two bloody handsome little boys Quade 6 & Keegan 4 years old! They are amazing, drive me insane (a lot) but man they make me proud everyday to be their Mama!! Keegan starts school this year so instead of breeding anymore children I'm blogging ;) We live in a small coastal town called Tairua on the Coromandel Peninsula, NZ, pretty much paradise. My Mum, Step Dad & Brother live 3 doors up from us so pretty stoked to have family so close! My Dad & his partner live in Te Aroha so we get to live the Rural life when we feel like being country!

I also own a very busy Health & Beauty Salon in Tairua - 'Tairua Health and Beauty'. I work 5 days a week & I absolutely LOVE my job. My clients are amazing, I get to make them feel beautiful & special & i get to work in one of the most beautiful places on the Planet!!

I have a little side job/hobby that I do Mon-Fri & that is to help Tairua Womens Fitness with early morning exercise classes that we have called MOM Club (Mind Over Mattress) these range from HIIT, AMRAPs, Circuits & Fun Runs. These classes are amaze! The women that turn up to challenge themselves are cool AF, they are funny, motivating, sometimes (most of the time) I'm sure if I mentioned shots or champagne at class no one would argue with me ;) We are in the process of planning an 8 Week 'Shred from Summer' Health & Fitness Challenge to help our local ladies get back on track after a super busy summer season! Watch this space!

My boyfriend!! Ah, legend! I'm pretty much his biggest fan, I get shit about it alllllll the time but I'm ok with this haha. He makes my whole life better, he makes me laugh (even when I'm trying to be grumpy), he supports every single one of my dumb decisions, he also drives me fucking insane! But I'm pretty sure that's normal right?! I've actually just booked us a trip down south for my birthday, kind of without telling him! Well he knows & he wasn't really that happy about it because it's in July & that's kind of the really important part (end of second round) of his rugby season, but I figure he's got 5 months to process it and be happy about!

GOALS- At the moment I am training for 3 Half Marathons this year! Two in April & one in May! Fingers crossed i'll stay motivated through winter to enter the Great Barrier half in Oct but we will see!! I love setting goals, the feeling after you have achieved something you have put your mind to is the BEST!

Anyway my life is hectic, it's soooo fun, we defs live our best life. We are always on adventures, if we aren't at school, daycare or work we are doing fun shit! We have the coolest, I mean THE COOLEST group of friends & a really tight knit fam so there is never a dull moment!

You can follow me on my personal instagram or Tairua Health and Beauty instagram

I cant wait to share my experiences with you guys!!

Have a fab day

Kirsty x

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