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What even is a Professional?!

Being a professional alllllllll the time is tiring, also kinda boring! So why do we try & be pure 100% of the time? I'm not about it. Sorry to those who are but I'm all about balance! Life is so short! Have fun! Run a successful business, be professional in your work place, support your philosophy 99% of the time, but after work know how to let loose!

I don't mean get drunk every night after work ( I know that's what you were all thinking), I mean do something you love. Have fun & be silly with your Family, go fishing, exercise, go on a date, have toast for tea & watch a movie (or in our case Shorty, Cody will die knowing iv told you all it's his fav show, although of late its been the cricket, yaaawwwwn!).

If you do happen to go out for a drink, remember to be yourself, you don't have to hold this level of professionalism everywhere you go, obviously don't lose pride or respect in yourself but relax! There is so much pressure on us to hold this state of pureness like we don't have a life outside of work, or we shouldn't be able to manage a balanced life. I'm a classic example of this - My week life, Mon-Fri is 5:15am wake ups, exercise, parent (50/50), run a successful business, exercise, meal preps, eat whole/real foods, run a household. Come Friday I am ready to have a drink & socialise, i deserve it! I do bombs off the Pepe bridge at 1am on our walk home, I dance, I take the boys to the beach until its dark & eat fish n chips!

We spend a lot of time at the beach (with and without Quade & Keegan) and every now and then on the boat, and I turn into a sailor, I swear, I drink & I smoke (awks). That's who i am. I'm with my friends and i feel comfortable to be myself 100% around them!

I love my job with a passion & i know how to maintain a professional manner at work & I follow my philosophy 99% of the time outside of work. I'm fit, I'm healthy, I'm happy & I am busy! I can only maintain all of the above with a life full of balance. So never mind the judgement & the expectations because as long as you are doing you & having time out from being perfect you will succeed in your personal & professional life!!

I'm defs no expert but this way of life works for me & my family 100% & hopefully my rant takes some pressure off all of you ;)

Have an awesome weekend!!

Kirsty xx

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