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The Skin Struggle is Real

OMG, my Skin! It's a constant battle. Everyone who knows me knows my skin hit rock bottom when I fell pregnant with my oldest son, Quade (I wish i had a photo I could show you, but I defs did not take selfies while I was pregnant!). What an absolute shambles. I had terrible, sore, ugly acne! I had gone from a confident teenager with perfect skin to a self conscious 21 year old w terrible skin.

This went on for a few years...To be honest i didn't do a lot to help fix my skin as i blamed 'hormones'. Once i had given birth the acne still hung around, because obviously when you're breast feeding your hormones are all over the shop, so i just put up with it. This carried on through my second pregnancy & whilst breast feeding Keegan my skin was still not great.

Once i stopped breast feeding, i decided that i would do something productive towards my skin as my body had returned back to normal. I changed my diet, my milk in my coffee, water intake & exercise (actually trained for my first half marathon)! Then i decided (well my Mum, Julie , who's a bit of a Queen!) i would go to The Skin Centre in Tauranga & go on Isotane! Once that kicked in, my lips were dry as fuck, my skin was thin, but the pimples started to clear! To help with scarring & the redness I had laser. This worked a treat! (Photo in pink top with Keegan) I was back to normal, was happy to exercise with no make up on or spend some Sundays (not very often because i am pretty vain) around the house with no make up on & just generally felt more confident in my own skin.

THEN stress of a shitty life experience hit & my skin just quit on me! Big bloody flair ups began! In my mind I wasn't 'stressed' cause I'm pretty chill most the time, so it took me a while to figure out what was triggering it. That all eventually settled down & my skin calmed down and we got on again. ;)

Knowing the struggles of bad skin when i opened my own Beauty Salon, Tairua Health and Beauty , I wanted to be able to help women with their skin, no matter what the problem. So i started using Janesce & Bestow Beauty products. I absolutely love the holistic approach behind these two products & together they help heal & nourish your skin on the inside as well as on the outside. I WILL never look back. I have had the most amazing results with my clients...but not on myself! I have literally done everything & it's been so deflating & hard not having any progress or results! I even cried the other night, and everyone knows I'm not a cryer! (Not even a word!)

So because sometimes you need an outside perspective & new ideas, I have been having treatment with Summer O'Brien who does Neurological Integration (Go ahead and follow her, she's super clever). You will never guess what's wrong with me now?! LEAKY GUT!! (sounds disgusting, but it's not what you're thinking).

Leaky gut is when the integrity of your gut lining is damaged, allowing food particles to escape the gut and enter the blood stream causing inflammation. For me it's manifested in my face. So at this stage i am repairing the lining and taking out inflammatory foods which can cause further damage. I've removed gluten, refined sugars, dairy etc. I have also reintroduced my probiotic which i used to take religiously but had been a bit slack on lately & I'm going to attempt to make Kombucha! Jeepers.

Photo below, i absolutely hate! Just one big pimple party! Doesn't help I'm a sweaty mess as well (athlete haha)

I guess sometimes we can't always see, let alone fix our own problems & it's so awesome to work alongside others who are excited to help you. I LOVE helping my clients & seeing results and I'm sure they are pretty stoked as well. The Skin Struggle is real for SO many of us, but let's work together to make it better. Obviously some life interruptions cannot be avoided & they affect us all in different ways, from skin disorders, weight gain or loss to mood swings etc. I will do my best to help, so if you have any questions, fire away!

You can email me on or find me on facebook

Always be kind to each other as you have no idea what another person is dealing with on the inside, or for me on the outside!

Have an amazing day team. I hope i haven't rambled on too much haha!


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