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Online Shopping is a legit addiction

You ALL know that feeling I'm talking about, the one you get when you see 'Order Confirmation' on your screen!! How good is it? It honestly makes me feel so satisfied!

Got a party, need a new dress? Online shopping.

Need motivation? Online shopping.

Groceries? Online shopping.

Had a shit day? Online shopping.

It's like the new Coconut Oil, can fix anything!

I don't know if it's the fact that you can go shopping whilst wearing your pooeys & no make up, if you get the buzz of the purchase & then the anticipation of the parcel arriving or if you can actually just go shopping as soon as you get the urge! You want a new denim skirt, you get it girl! You save money on gas (well we do cause we live 2 hours from any decent shopping malls), you don't spend money on going out for lunch, you also don't buy all the unnecessary items because they are "So Cheap", I mean I love a bargain but $4 earrings are never going to sit well in my sensitive ears, but you know i will buy them if I see them!

Want to know my Top 3 online shopping go to's?

1. The Iconic. My god it's an App & it's dangerous! The amount of times I have deleted and re down loaded this app is ridiculous! It has everything - Active wear, shoes, bikinis, dresses/playsuits, lingerie, I even look at the menswear!! My advice to you with one is DO NOT SAVE YOUR CREDIT or DEBIT CARD DETAILS! It's too bloody easy to breeze through the check out & before you know it "Congratulations on your purchase!"

2. Kmart. My kitchen, dining & lounge is like Kmart threw up in it! I think everyone has this on their top 3!

3.1. It's a bit of a tie between Countdown & Cotton on Body! Obviously I need groceries to survive! I'm a huge meal planner & so when I order groceries I know exactly what I'm after, I type in whats on my list & that's all I buy. No treats can creep into my trolley on accident this way. Also it's so good for my budget as i have total control & can see as i go how much I'm spending. One other perk! You can request boxes for delivery instead of plastic bags, so I'm pretty much saving the planet one grocery shop at a time!

3.2. Cotton On Body= Active wear! If I'm ever feeling unmotivated I will buy new active wear! There is something about it that makes me excited to train again! It's so reasonably priced but great quality!

I'm pretty sure it's not just me that has this wee issue! And I'm not going to lie, it's probs not going to go away anytime soon! So Emma from CoLab Collective & I are in the process of setting up an Online Shop for Tairua Health and Beauty . I'm so excited about this! Launch date will be Friday 6th April!! Hopefully our little online shop will become one of your top three, as there will also be a pick up option, you can purchase at night when you're feeling the urge & pop into the salon & grab your product! That way you still get to see me ;)

Would LOVE feedback about what makes online shopping easy breezy for you! So if you have any tips for my shop, let me know!

Anyway I've got some shopping to do! Ha jokes, I've actually got lots of work to do! Have an awesome day. X

Shop C, 227 Main Road, Tairua

07 864 7455