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I got it from my Mama

Happy Mothers Day Mum!!

Did you know, people can pick that mum is my mum because apparently we look 'exactly' the same! I do see it, and I defs hope I look like Me-Julie at 52! But honestly - strangers bring it up if we are in the same room - even once when I was working in a restaurant. Mum had come in for dinner with her husband & friends and one of the patrons from a completely different table came up to pay & said "That has got to be your mother at that table over there." Crazy huh!

You don't really learn to appreciate & respect your mum until you become one. Mum & I used to have the worst arguments when I was 13-16 years old. (My attitude was terrible!) She even pulled over on the Kopu Hikuai one evening and tried to kick me out of the car because I was being a little A Hole! I moved out at 16, cause I thought I was all Grown (you have to say 'grown' in an American accent)! Little did I know!! I lived in Matatoki, a little farm village on the other side of the hill. I then moved to Hamilton to study Beauty Therapy & got so caught up in my own selfish life, I used to ignore calls from Mum & would come home for a visit when it suited me. Mean aye?!

I'm not going to lie, sometimes I do or say something & think; 'jeez i sound like Mum.' But it doesn't worry me, because my mum is pretty choice! We are good friends now. We attend the same fitness classes, we travel together, we have the same friends, we

can go out for drinks & dinner (sometimes we skip the dinner part ;)).

Mum was at the birth of my eldest son. We live three doors away from each other. This weekend we are going camping together.

- So I started writing this on Friday, we've now been camping! It was awesome. Camping with the kids during a storm makes it quite the adventure!! Mum and I get along so well and we speak every single day.

I love my mum and not one part of me can imagine life without her in it. Sometimes we are probably too close, but I would rather that any day over not having her around. I can't afford to piss her off now anyway - that girl is my biggest secret keeper. She knows too much!

Mum, keep being cool, classy, fun & our mum. Oh & please never stop giving us jobs when you think we have a spare minute to relax!

Love you forever!

The Favourite child ;)

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