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How do we pick our friends? It's the weirdest thing. We meet other humans & we either like them or we don't, and if you like them you just cling on & make them do stuff with you! Sometimes you even fall in love with these humans and become 'more than friends' but we won't get into that today.

My friends are actually the most awesome but weirdest bunch of people! I don't know how we became friends, most of us grew up together, so only had each other (haha). No, they are actually friggen amazing!! We do so much together, like A LOT and nothing ever really seems to be an issue!!

I don't think I would be - actually I know for a fact I wouldn't be - who I am today without any of my friends; both from the past & especially friends right now. For some unknown reason they constantly have my back! They aren't even scared to tell me when to pull my head in.

I always feel proud to call my friends my friends. You know that saying 'Your vibe attracts your tribe'? It really is the truth! My friends make me want to be better, at work, in my home life, my social life (I don't know if that can get any better). They motivate me to try my best & to challenge myself. They also take the piss out of me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. But that's ok, there is no pussy-footing around each other, the truth comes in hot, and that's the way I like it.

It is so important to have friends who make you happy, who support you, who you don't feel judged by, who don't tear you down, who can act the fool with you, but who can also keep your secrets, be honest with you & bring you back to earth if life gets a bit hectic.

Never change for anybody, people will either like you or they won't. That's not your fault, we aren't made for everyone. Not everyone likes me & I'm OK with that. I like me & so do my friends!

On that note I'm about to head out & work out with a couple of my friends! Would love some feedback on what you & your buddies do for fun!

Enjoy your day

Kirsty xx

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