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Fun Day Monday

Happy Monday Team,

I have some advice on how to make your Monday awesome!

I personally love a Monday, I try my best to set my goals on a Sunday, realistic goals that aren't going to stress me out or put to much pressure on me for the week & start the week the way in intend to finish it! I think Mondays can be daunting to some people as it means no more weekend, no more chill time & a lot of you probably go into a Monday tired! I reckon we should all just enjoy our weekends & not think about Monday until it's here, cause really it's just another day of the week isn't it?!

Get excited for your Monday, it's the perfect day to get pumped about whats coming up & can put you in the perfect mood to be productive & take away the stress! Which makes the rest of your week productive & organised. Dress casual, instead of casual Friday make Monday fun & wear the clothes that make you feel good or even relaxed (Maybe not like your fat pants or baggy tee, but something low key casual but tidy) I am lucky in that sense that I can wear nice active wear to work & get away with it (perks of having 'Health' in the business name ;)) Fridays are always going to make you feel good, purely because it's Friday, so dressing casual isn't necessary!

I'm a music lover so getting ready for work with music blaring in the background is always a win as music puts me in a good mood instantly! Play your favourite playlist & dance your way through the Monday blues!

I feel like if you change your whole mind set about Mondays you will have a WAY better week & you will achieve much more in the beginning of the week making the rest of your week a bit more relaxed & under control!

You might disagree with me but I dare you to try it!

Enjoy the rest of your week & enjoy your next Monday ;)

Kirsty xx

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