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I don't want to sound like an asshole but i could NOT live without exercise! Whether it's a solo run, a fitness class, social sports or a family bike ride I really love being active!

You know when you first start dating someone and your whole routine goes out the window because you can't get enough of each other & you just want to crawl into each others skin? (Get your minds out of the gutter!) Well I've just come out of that stage of the relationship because no matter how much you love someone if your not feeling 100% happy within yourself your never going to be happy with someone else & when I'm not exercising I feel like shiiiiiiitttt!! Don't get me wrong I'm still like a koala on Clarky whenever we are together but I now put aside my time to exercise & take care of myself.

How good is that feeling when you have been dreading a work out & you still get it done & when your finished you feel like such a champ! All the endorphins give you that amazing feeling of accomplishment & happiness!

Exercise to me is a healthy way to balance life. We are so so busy nowadays with family, work, social lives, it can all get a bit much so I feel like running or working out for me is a good way to have some ME time & really switch off. It's also not a chore, I really enjoy exercising & I don't use it as a way of punishing myself as I don't believe that is healthy approach to exercise.

I'm very much a balanced lifestyle kind of gal. I fast from 7pm-12/12:30pm, I eat really nourishing food for lunch & dinner majority of the time BUT I also love pies so if a pie ever pops into my head I will eat it & I defs don't feel guilty about it! I also got drunk last night (Wednesday) as I caught up with some girlfriends & well we all know how that can end! BUT not one part of me feels guilty for not getting up this morning for my usual run. It's healthy to have days off & rest your body & it's also healthy to take the pressure off that we can sometimes put on ourselves when it comes to exercise!

Anyway what I'm trying to say is everyone should try it, I feel like it's something anyone can do as there are so many different ways to exercise & stay fit & healthy no matter your fitness level, age or sitch! I was talking to the local mechanic today about lots of things really but when we spoke about exercise he was telling me about a little set up he has in the workshop & every morning he works out in there & then does a workshop yoga session!! How cool is that! I will have to go and join him one day!

Enjoy the long weekend & make sure you move your body! Also feel free to message me for any tips & tricks to stay motivated!

I'm heading to a new boxfit class in Pauanui tonight so wish me luck xx

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